Regaining access when locked out

Using backup codes

If your phone or security key is lost/damaged, you can use one of the backup codes that were generated during the MFA setup process to log in.

Login to your SilverStripe CMS account with your email and password. When prompted for your primary MFA method, press Other options and select Verify with backup code.

A screenshot of a user being prompted for a verification code during login, with the 'other options' button highlighted

A screenshot of the 'other options' dialog during login, with the 'Verify with backup code' option highlighted

Enter a backup code, and press Verify. If the backup code is valid, you will be logged into the CMS.

A screenshot of a user being prompted to enter a backup code during login

If your primary MFA method is permanently lost, make sure you visit your profile and remove or reset it before logging out. If you are running out of backup codes, generate a new set to make sure you don't lose access to your account.

Resetting your account

If your backup codes are also unavailable, you can contact your site administrator to have them send you an email to reset your account. This will enable you to reset both your password and MFA methods. See Resetting Accounts.

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