Version 5 supported

Managing links in the CMS

Before we begin

Make sure that your Silverstripe CMS installation has the LinkField module installed.


In this section, we will show the process of managing links using the LinkField module. This module provides a clean interface for creating and managing links in the CMS.

A screenshot of the link field on the page

There are two main types of link field: one for managing a single link and another for managing multiple links. Each type of Link field will be discussed in the "Using the link field" section.

The module streamlines the link creation process by providing a user-friendly form that includes all essential fields necessary for link management.

An important aspect to highlight is that newly generated links are automatically stored, eliminating the need for the user to save the entire page. Moreover, the link types inherently support versioning, ensuring that any modifications made within Link field are traceable in the change history.

User manual

Links types
Primary link types provided by the LinkField module.
Using the link field
How to work with the link field and multi-ink field in the CMS.